Trinity College…Awesome! I mean

Today was an easy day. We started out looking for breakfast, and found a bagel place that was like a subway, with Bagels instead of Sub buns. The Bagel Factory. It was pretty good. Then we went to Carroll’s for stuff to take home.

We found our way on foot to the Museum of Natural History and saw many Irish animals including the skeletons of many Giant Irish Deer. It’s really quite cool and HUGE! After that we ran into the German couple that we met on the tour the previous day. That was awesome! Talk about a small town (of all the millions of people!).

We found a Catholic book shop called “Veritas” and Courtney and I bought Rosaries.

Then we went to Temple Bar and found a small Crepe shop and got Chocolate Crepes with Vanilla Ice Cream. We then went to Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells. That was one of my favorite parts of the day. The Book of Kells is incredible, and was written around 800 AD. After the Book of Kells exhibit, we found our way upstairs to the Trinity College Old Library. That was quite a sight to behold. Two flights of books…all roped off… but incredible.

We then looked around the Trinity College book shop, and tried to go to Dublin Castle, but it was closing. We went to Johnny Rockets, or as the shop is actually called Eddie Rockets… but I can’t seem to call it anything BUT Johnny Rockets… and I don’t know why. We met up with Rachel and her friend from St. Mary’s College and we went Back to Temple Bar to find Irish Stew… it was too expensive so we went to a Pub upstairs where we could get food.

We then went back to Carrol’s where Courtney and I bought matching Ireland Backpacks. We then went to another pub where we played cards and talked for a while before making our way back to the Hotel. A few awkward moments happened that I feel bad about… but that’s okay… it’s a learning occasion.

Oh, and our tour to the Waterford Crystal Factory was cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control… darn… guess we’ll have to come back to Ireland sometime soon.

Tomorrow is the last day!

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