The Heroes Score: Finally!

Heroes ScoreSince the first episode of Heroes, I have wanted to own a recording of the score by Wendy & Lisa.  Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman have composed a unique experience with the score, that sets Heroes apart from traditional superhero soundtracks. The pilot episode was first played at the San Diego Comic Con with a temporary score taken from Batman Begins. That music became the inspiration for the melodies and the tempo that was produced for the shows premiere that fall.

Last year, there was a Heroes soundtrack released (Heroes Orginal Soundtrack-Deluxe EditionThe Heroes Score: Finally!), but it’s composed of songs that the writing staff listened to while writing the scripts for the show. It also included a little bit of the score, but all in all I only was able to handle it a couple of listens. It wasn’t something that I enjoyed, as I didn’t really know many of the songs, and if I did, I wasn’t a fan of the artist, for the most part.

Then I got an e-mail from La-La Land Records. I had ordered a couple of soundtracks from them recently: Superman: Doomsday and Batman: The Animated Series. The e-mail detailed the Heroes Score that was releasing the next day at Noon. I had checked their website, and eventually e-mailed them to find that out when I couldn’t find a reference for it on their website. It turns out that the release date and time was only listed in one corner of the e-mail, and it was pretty small. I was focused on the content of the e-mail. Perhaps that is something that they’ll fix in the future.

Anyway, I got to the website the next day, and was able to order it fast enough to get the autographed edition of the score. Sweet! It’s been in my car ever since, and there are very few tracks that I would even consider skipping. It’s a brilliant soundtrack and one well worth owning for any fan of Heroes.

Get the Heroes Score!The Heroes Score: Finally!

Presenting the premiere release of the original score to the hit NBC series HEROES, starring Ali Larter, Hayden Panettierre, Masi Oka and Adrian Pasdar. Acclaimed composer team and recording artists Lisa Coleman & Wendy Melvoin (aka Wendy & Lisa) (DANGEROUS MINDS, SOUL FOOD, TV’s CROSSING JORDAN, TV’s BIONIC WOMAN) immerse the listener with a stunning, atmospheric music score, featuring internationally renowned vocalist/musician Shenkar (PASSION OF THE CHRIST, JACOB’S LADDER). All the excitement, drama and action of this beloved series is reflected within its powerful score – a must for all HEROES and television music fans. HEROES airs Monday evenings on NBC.


  1. HEROES Title (0:14)*
  2. Peter (6:12)*
  3. Claire (6:43)
  4. Hiro (7:30)
  5. HRG (6:24)*
  6. Mohinder (7:59)
  7. Sylar (5:30)*
  8. Jessica / Niki / Gina (5:55)
  9. Kirby Plaza (5:41)*
  10. Fire And Regeneration (2:21)*
    Total Time: 54:49

Music Composed and Performed By
Lisa Coleman and Wendy Melvoin
* Featuring the voice of SHENKAR

Get the Heroes Score!The Heroes Score: Finally!

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