Jetsons: The Movie to Finally release on DVD

Jetsons the MovieI saw this movie in theatres, back in 1990, at the age of 9. I immediately was a fan of the Jetsons from that point on. Growing up, this has become something of a guilty pleasure, but it’s definitely classic.

Featuring 80s pop star Tiffany in the role of Judy Jetson, my hope is that, now that a DVD is being released, the soundtrack will be re-issued. It’s got some classic songs, including a Jetsons Rap.

Jetsons the Movie is an epic adventure that brings the future family out of their home on earth as George Jetson is promoted by his boss, Spacely Sprocket, to become the new Vice President in charge of Spacely Sprocket’s Orbiting Ore Asteroid.

The promotion happens just as Elroy leads his Spaceball (future basketball) team to victory, and Judy gets a date with future rock legend Cosmic Cosmo. Jane is also ramping up her recycling project.

The family is forced to pack everything up and leave the very next day, and they fly through space, and after a short flight, they arrive at the asteroid. From the outside, you can see the plant where George will work, a shopping mall, and their new home, which is part of Intergalactic Garden Estates.

Needless to say, it’s the start of a grand adventure in a place that I always wanted to be able to live and explore. That’s part of the reason I watched the movie so much once I got it on video. It captured my imagination, and I hoped for a sequel, in which they Jetsons returned to the asteroid, so that I could see more locations on it, and spend more time out in space at the facilities there.

Maybe someday…

Jetsons the Movie finally hits DVD on April 28, 2009!

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