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Anguish Languish: Noisier Rams
[Introduction][Furry Tells][Noisier Rams][Fey-Mouse Tells][Lath Thing Thumb Thongs!]

Marry Hatter Ladle Limb

Marry hatter ladle limb
Itch fleas worse widest snore.
An ever-wear debt Marry win
Door limb worse shorter gore.

Sinker Sucker Socks Pants

Sinker sucker socks pants
Apocryphal awry
Foreign turnkey blank boards
Bagged inner pyre.

Whinny pious orphaned
Door boards bay-gander sink.
Worsen dizzy jelly ditch
Toe setter furry kink?

Door kink worse inner conning horse
Conning otters moaning.
Door coin worse inner panda
Aiding burden honing.

Door mate worse inner gardening
Hankering ardor cloys.
A lung camel blank board
An sniffed offer noisel


Effervescent further ACHE
dare wooden bather CHECKING. Effervescent further PEG
way wooden heifer BECKING. Effervescent further LESSENS
dare wooden bather DITCHERS. Effervescent further ODDEST
way wooden heifer PITCHERS Effervescent further CLASHES
way wooden kneader CLASH RUMS. Effervescent further BASH TOPS
way wooden heifer BASH RUMS. Effervescent further TUCKING
way wooden heifer LANGUISH. Effervescent fur daze phony WARTS
nor bawdy cud spick ANGUISHI

Oiled Murder Harbored

Oiled Murder Harbored
Wen tutor cardboard
Toe garter pore darker born.
Wenchy gut dare
Door cardboard worse bar
An soda pore dark hat known.

Pitter Paper

Pitter Paper peeked or parker peckled paupers
Or packer peckled paupers pitter paper peeked
Aft Pitter Paper peeked or packer peckled paupers
Ware aster packer peckled paupers debt pitter paper peeked?

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