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July 16, 2006

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Contest of Champions

Predator vs. Boba FettPredator vs. Boba Fett

Predator Boba Fett
Height: 7'6"
Weight: 410 lbs.
Reach: 46"
What Ticks Him Off: Gummi Bears getting caught in his mandibles
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 310 lbs.
Reach: 41"
What Ticks Him Off: Jabba the Hutt cheating at Twister

In the jungles of South America, intersteller bounty hunter Boba Fett -- who made Han Solo's life miserable in "The Empire Strikes Back" -- stalks the Predator, the alien serial killer who once came within a nosehair of having Arnold Schwarzenegger's head on a stick. Though the Predator has the edge in ferocity and clock-stopping ugliness, don't count out Fett; he hears there's a reward out for the Predator in the Empire, and plans to collect.

Round One:Stealthily sneaking through a curtain of vines, Boba spot the Predator relaxing in a tree, idly munching Gummi Bears.

Round Two: Boba takes aim with his concussion grenade launcher. The Predator shimmers and fades. Boba lowers his weapon and scratches his head.

Round Three: Boba hears a twig snap behind him. He whirls, firing his flame projector. Too late. The Predator leaps, smacking Boba in the chops, and knocking him into a tree. Boba spits out a couple of molars. The Predator readies his shoulder gun.

Round Four: Boba activates his jet back and rockets straight up into the air. The Predator blasts an energy bolt but misses. Boba disappears into the clouds, mumbling, "I've no time for this cloaking nonsense." The Predator shrugs and returns to his Gummies.

Later: High in a treetop, the Predator is lounging in a hammock when he hears a humming sound. He looks up.

Slave I, Boba's personal spacecraft, is hovering overhead.

The Predator fades away. No use. Utilizing the ship's motion sensors, Boba locks onto the Predator and lands on his position, smearing him to jelly.

Later Yet: Slave I rises a few feet off the groundand Fett emerges, hoping to locate the Predator's scalp for proof of his kill. All he finds is a splatter of green. "Gross," says Boba, as he returns to his ship.

Winner: Boba Fett

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