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July 16, 2006

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Ye Olde Quotes


Ye Olde Quotes from this site's days of yore

Antiocher Quotes!

Chris VM

"Real Love is so freeggin hard."

Patrick S.

"What's all this then?" 
"Ignorance is the only valid reason for being an atheist."
"I don't like school spirit week. Mainly, because I don't believe that
schools have spirits."


"Paul!  You're NOT Funny!"
"Chris VanMaaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!"

Drew VM

"Wha..?  No Treazhah?"


"And Such."
"Have a good NOW now!"
"You should be in 'All Star' " (Refering to Smash Mouth)
"Dive sings Steven Curtis Chapman"
"...so, anyway..."
"A Few Good Men stars Jack Nicholson and Tommy Lee Cruise"
"Ya Bum!"

Mike S.

"I have to go to the bathroom."

Scott Andersen


Mike S. (ARMY)

"I'm almost positive..."
"well...its either the corn on the cob juice or the blood"

Josh K.



"Can I have a ride...?"
"Everybody and their brother is here!"
"Pat, is that caulk gun heavy for you?" Pat: "yeah.." "It's cause you're weak!"

Nate VM

"I LOVE it when I win!"
"I LOVE it when it's my turn!"


"And we have come full circle"
"We will get Katie on it"
"Stop it, silly"
"da..dat....TAKE 2"

Rick G.

"Oh Good"

Anna Levanduski

"oh man, that was the best lunch i had in ages. :-) i kept thinking to myself 'man does not live on bread alone...'
because I was eating the Word of God for lunch
and it was delicious"
"lol, yeah, i'm not having a good week for skin punctures"

Angie K.

"I'm pretty sure..."


"I don't need your pity candy!"

Quotes Received via the Internet!

Ron Daniels

"I can't believe that I ate the whole thing."

Travis Boyer

"Who's a jigga whaaattttttttttt?"

Sweet Bob

"Yeah, that's Travis trying to be cool"

Doug Solo

"Never ever ever ever ever ever shake a baby.  or a cantalope.  or any other fresh produce.  or nuclear weapons."

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