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July 16, 2006

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Hey, everyone, it's time to take a look at ...

Paul Feig's History in Showbiz!

(Which is actually just a fancy way to say that I'm going to show you my resume.)

Yes, friends, take a little stroll down Memory Lane and see if you remember ANY of Paul's past "triumphs."

(If you actually saw "Dirty Dancing - The Series," well ... I'll eat your hat.)

One look at this list and you'll know why Paul Feig calls himself "The Working-est Unknown in Hollywood."


Here's the FILMS I've been in:

(You know, "films" is just a classy way of saying "movies")

"Three O'Clock High" - I played a nerdy hall monitor; spoke three lines.

"Zombie High" - I played a nerdy hemophiliac; died within first half hour.

"Ski Patrol" - I played a nerdy janitor who wants to join the ski patrol; actually a big part.

"Zoo Radio" - I played a blind DeeJay who, as a matter of fact, was not nerdy. However, the movie sucked.

"Heavyweights" - I played a nerdy camp councellor (hey, I know where my bread is buttered); also wrote and performed the end credits song.

"That Thing You Do" - I played the KMPC DeeJay. Nerdy? You be the judge.

"My Fellow Americans" - I played a wiseguy reporter (now we're getting into my TV persona - take a look below and see what I mean).

"Life Sold Separately" - I was one of the stars of this film. Why? Because I made it, that's why. In other words, I slept with the director. It was an ugly job but somebody had to do it. Go to the Flaming Shrimp page for more details.

And here's all my TELEVISION credits!

(Or "TV," as the hipsters call it.)

Editors note: This is where it gets really sad.

"The Facts of Life" - I played - you guessed it - a nerd.

"Beverly Hills Buntz" - If you remember it, you're some kind of freakish walking TV reference book (but it did star Dennis Franz, so there.); I think I played a nerdy store clerk ... it's been so long ... everything's fuzzy ...

"Newhart" - I played a guy who worked in a newsroom. 'Nuff said.

"Dirty Dancing" - Yes, Virginia, it was a series. And this dog ran for 13 episodes before it crashed and burned. I played the nerdy bellhop Norman for all 13 shows. What does that say about me?

"It's Garry Shandling's Show" - I played Garry's semi-retarded brother-in-law Chester for a number of episodes in the last season. Nerdy and then some!

"The Mark and Brian Show" - Nerdy prop guy. You got it. (This was only a pilot. Another "reality" version of the show got on the scheduele and Peeeeee-Yoooouuu ... that's what they get for letting Paul Feig go.)

"Good Sports" - I played Leash, Ryan O'Neal's nerdy, semi-retarded assistant. Yes, I was truly branching out into new and exciting (not to mention "daring") areas. I was a 7 out of 13 regular on this one. Needless to say, this one's not on anymore.

"The Hipsters" - Failed pilot. I was one of the two stars. Of course it didn't go.

"Get a Life" - Played a nerdy male escort. This was a fun one, FYI.

"The New WKRP in Cincinnati" - Played a voice analyzer. Got to stare at Tawny Kitaen in a bikini top all week. These are some of the reasons we luuuuv showbiz.

"The Edge" - According to TV books, I was a regular on this show. However, I only worked on it two weeks but then they split up all my stuff and stuck it in all 13 episodes. (The preceeding was just a little bit of trivia for you -- you know, when you run across the category of "Paul Feig" when you're playing Trivial Pursuit, it's actually one of the seven signs of the Apocolypse.)

"The Jackie Thomas Show" - The beginning of Paul's wiseguy period. This is actually a show that you might have seen. I'm awfully proud of this one. Too bad it's not still on the air.

"Roseanne" - I played a wiseguy white trash guy that John Goodman fired. It was a very dramatic scene and quite a departure for the usually "comedic" Paul Feig. So, what happened? Well, the show ran long and the scene was cut. Welcome to my world!

"The Good Life" - I played a wiseguy video store clerk in one show and a wiseguy waiter in another. Funny show and, of course, cancelled.

"Hardball" - Wiseguy FBI agent. Nerdy no more. (Well, I guess that can be disputed.)

"Love and War" - Wiseguy waiter. I was brought into this show mid-week because they fired the original actor. Ah, there's no sweeter meat than that which has been picked off another actor's bones ... uh, did I just say that?)

"The Louie Show" - Because of my stellar performance on "Love and War," I was made a regular on this show starring Louie Anderson. This was the project that pulled me back into the realm of Nerdy, as I "portrayed" the role of Dr. Jake Reinhart. Was this my first doctor role? Think about that and you'll find the answer at the bottom of this page. Gee, this is like a game!

"The TV Wheel" - I wore a couple of showbiz hats for this Joel Hodgson production, both writing and performing. Versatile? You bet! Neurotic? ... hey, how'd that get in here?

"Sabrina the Teenage Witch" - And this brings us to the present. Kinda nerdy science teacher. Life is just one big Karmic wheel, ain't it? Well, if that's true, then I guess I'm just the baseball card slappin' in the spokes. Profound? You're friggin' right I am, Chester.

"Ellen" - If you saw one of the few episodes from the last season of "Ellen" that didn't deal with lesbianism, then you saw Paul Feig wearing a Civil War uniform and lookin' like a great big dork. That's right, it's back to nerd-dom in an episode that saw Paul co-starring with Lou Gossett Jr. and Angie Dickenson -- that's right, I worked with Pepper!

"Men Behaving Badly" - Am I the kiss of death or what? Both shows I did guest star stints on within a couple of weeks were cancelled. This one saw me with a long wig posing as a hippie with a back hair problem. You'll never see this one in syndication because they only did two seasons of the show. Oh well ... your loss!

"The Drew Carey Show" - Hope you didn't blink when you were watching the 1998 season finale of "Drew," 'cause you would have missed Paul as a wiseguy (again!) department store worker who was mean to Drew. Those are the parts that endear you to the country, baby!

And here's the answer to our trivia question!!!

Q: Was "The Louie Show" the first time Paul Feig portrayed a doctor?


Hmmmmmm ......?????


Time's up!

A: No! Paul played a doctor in a Kenny G video entitled "Just What the Doctor Ordered" or something like that. I don't really remember the name of the song because ... well ... it was KENNY G, fer cryin' out loud!

Where do you want to go now?

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