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Anguish Languish: Fey-Mouse Tells
[Introduction][Furry Tells][Noisier Rams][Fey-Mouse Tells][Lath Thing Thumb Thongs!]

Casing Adder Bet

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
But there is no joy in Mudville--mighty Casey has struck out
            -- Ernest Lawrence Thayer

HERESY BORSCH-BOIL STARRY A BOARDER BORSCH BOIL gam plate lung, lung a gore inner ladle wan hearse torn coiled Mutt-fill.

Mutt-fill worsen mush offer torn, butted hatter putty gut borsch-boil tame, an off oiler pliers honor taTne, door moist cerebrated worse Casing. Casing worsted sickened basement, any hatter betting orphanage off .526 (punt fife toe sex).

Casing worse gut lurking, an furry poplar--spatially wetter gull coiled Any-bally. Any-bally worse Casing's sweat-hard, any harpy cobble wandered toe gat merit, bought Casing worse toe pore toe becalm Any-bally's horsebarn, (Boil pliers honor Mutt-fill tame dint gat mush offer celery; infect, day gut nosing atoll.)

Bought less gat earn wetter starry.

Wan dare, inner Mutt-fill borsch boil pork, door scar stud lack disk inner lest in-ink:

    MUTT-FI LL 2

Water disgorging saturation! Oiler Mutt-fill rotors, setting inner grin-stance, war failing furry darn inner mouse.

Bought, watcher thank hopping? Soddenly wan offer Mutt-fill pliers hitter shingle, an an-udder plier gutter gnats toe beggarI Soda war ptomaine earn basis. Bust off oil, Casing ham-shelf, Mutt-fill's cerebrated better, worse combing ope toe bet!

Whinny kraut inner ~in-stance sore Casing combing, day stuttered toe clabber hens an yowl, "Date's CAS-INGI Attar bore, Casingl" An whinny hansom sickened basement sundered confidentially ope tutor plat, oiler Mutt-fill rotors shorted:




Putty ladle Any-bally, setting oil buyer shelf inner grin-stance, worse furry prod offer gut lurking loafer. Lack oiler udder pimple, Any-bally worse shore debt Casing worse garner winner boil gam fur Mutt-fill.

Casing weaved tutor kraut, an castor sweat glands add Any-bally, den retched darn tutor grunt an robbed dart honors hens, an warped haze hens honors pence.

"PLY BOIL1" shorted door empire, gadding impassioned.

Casing pecked upper bet, an locked adder patcher, any set tomb shelf:

"Latter comb! Arm garner smirk disk boil rat offer &fensel"

ZOMBIEl Door boil short pest Casing lacquer canning boil. Casing dint peony tension turret.

"STORK WARN!" crater empire.

Door kraut inner grin-stance stuttered shorting an coursing.

"Wart inhale's madder wet debt empire's ICE? Hazy gun BLAND?"

"Lessen, empire-Java heifer ICE exempted? Batter goiter seeder obstetricianl" "Boorl Boori B-o-o-r!" "0 water bag BOMBI"

Door patcher warn dope akin, any boil short pest Casing lacquer bullock firmer raffle.

"STORK TOEI" setter empire, lurking unctuously adder kraut.

Oiler Mutt-fill fens an rotors war hurling wet anchorl Servile bear bordels an corker cooler bordels cam firmer grin-stance, an fail honor grunt, nut for firmer pore empire's fate.

Inner grin-stance, ladle Any-bally, hoe dint lacquer seer loafer mucker bag foal otter ham-shelf, bay-gander wiper ice wetter tawny ladle lazy hanker-sniff.

Wants akin, Casing locked adder patcher, disk term wetter lock off gram razor-lotion honors phase.

"Jest locket Casing!" whiskered door kraut, "Disk term, Casing manes baseness. Badger Casing's garner smirk debt borsch-boil rat offer defensel"

SWASHI Casing swank adder boil wet oilers farcel Water swankl Wart anomalous farcel Wart gram razor-lotionl

Water sham debt Casing dint hitter boill

"Stork tree--yore art!" whiskered door empire, trampling, an gadding ratty toe dock corker cooler bordels an bear bordels.

Door kraut worse stunt.

Any-bally worse sopping historically inner tawny ladle lazy hanker-snitt.

Wail, yawl nor debt putty pacer pottery coiled CASING ADDER BET--spatially doze lest melon-colic versus:

"0 psalm-war an disk levered lend, door soreness shunning brat;

Door benders plying psalm-war, an psalm-war hurts aIite,

An psalm-war manor luging, an psalm-war chaldron short;

Butter ash nor jarring Mutt-flU--muddy Casing hash stork art/

Bought lessen, forksl Wander nor wart rally hopping? Wail, doze putty versus becalm cerebrated--an Casing becalm cerebrated, toe! Suture bag kraut off pimple cam toe Mutt-fill toe shag hens wetter hansom borsch boil plier debt Casing win enter parlor-tricks, an gat retch. An, whinny gut retch (conjure gas?) Casing becalm door diverted horsebarn off putty ladle Any-bally.

Violate Huskings, ore Ornery Aboard Inner Gelded Ketch


Darn Honor Form

Heresy rheumatic starry offer former's dodder, Violate Huskings, an wart hoppings darn honor form.

Violate lift wetter fodder, oiled Former Huskings, hoe hatter repetition fur bang furry retch--an furry stenchy. Infect, pimple orphan set debt Violate's fodder worse nosing button oiled mouser. Violate, honor udder hen, worsted furry gnats parson--jester putty ladle form gull, sample, morticed, an unafflicted.

Wan moaning Former Huskings nudist haze dodder setting honor cheer, during nosing.

"VIOLATEl" shorted dole former, "Watcher setting darn fur? Denture nor yore canned gat retch setting darn during nosing? Germ pup otter debt cheerl"

"Arm tarred, Fodder," resplendent Violate warily. "Watcher tarred fur?" aster stenchy former, hoe dint half mush symphony further gull. "Are badger dint doe mush woke disk moaningl Ditcher curry doze buckles fuller slob darn tutor peg-pan an feeder pegs?" "Yap, Fodder. Are fetter pegs."

"Ditcher mail-car caws an swoop otter caw staple?" "Off curse, Fodder. Are mulct oiler caws an swapped otter staple, an fetter checkings, an clammed upper larder inner checking-horse toe gadder oiler aches, an wen darn tutor vestibule guarding toe peck oiler bogs an warms offer vestibules, an watched an earned yore closing, an fetter hearses an...

"Ditcher warder oiler hearses, toe?" enter-ruptured oiled Huskings.

"Nor, Fodder, are dint."

"Dint warder mar hearses? Wire nut?"

"Arm surrey, Fodder, butcher hearses jest worsen Thursday. Yore kin leader hearse toe warder, Fodder, butcher cannon maggot drank. Lessen, Fodder, arm tarredI"

"Oil-wares tarred!" crumpled Huskings. "Wail, sense yore sore tarred, oil lecher wrestle ladle, bought GAD OFFER DEBT CHEER! Wile yore wrestling, yore kin maker bets an washer dashes."

Suture fodderl Effervescent fur Violate's sweat-hard, Hairy Parkings, disk pore gull word sordidly half ban furry miscible.


Moan-late an Roaches

Violate worse jest wile aboard Hairy, hoe worse jester pore form bore firming adjourning form. Sum pimple set debt Hairy Parkings dint half gut since, butter hatter gut dispossession an hay worse medley an luff wet Violate. Infect, Hairy wandered toe merrier, butter worse toe skirt toe aster.

Wan guat Hairy an Violate war setting honor Huskings' beck perch inner moan-late, holing hens.

"O Hairy," crate Violate, "Jest locket debt putty moanl Arsenate rheumatic?"

"Yap," inserted Hairy, lurking adder moan.

"O Hairy," contingent Violate, "Jest snuff doze flagrant orders combing firmer putty rat roaches inner floor guarding! Conjure small doze orders, Hairy? Conjure small debt deletitious flagrancy?"

"Yap," set Hairy, snuffing, lacquer haunting dug haunting fur rapids.

"Lessen, Hairy," whiskered Violate, "Arm...arm oil-moist shore yore gut sum-sing toe asthma. Denture half sum-sing impertinent toe asthma, Hairy? Denture?''

Pore Hairy, skirt oil-moist artifice wets, stuttered toe trample, butter poled ham-shelf toe-gadder, an gargled:

"Ark...yap, Violate .... are gas...are gas are gut sum-sing ....... O shocks, Violatel"

"Gore earn, Hairy, gore earnl" encysted Violate, gadding impassioned. Dun bay sore inhabitedt Nor, den, watcher garner asthma?"

"Wail, Violate, arm jester pore form bore, an dun half mush moaning..."

"Hoe cars aboard moaning, Hairy? Pimple dun heifer bay retch toe gat merit, bought day order lack itch udder. Merit cobbles hoe lack itch udder gadder lung mush batter den udder cobbles hoe dun lack itch udder. Merit pimple order bay congenital, an arm shore, Hairy, debt wail bay [urry congenital an contended, an, fur debt raisin, way dun heifer half mush moaning."

Furry lung, lung, term disk harpy cobble set honor beck perch inner moan-late, holing hens an snuffing flagrant orders firmer floors inner floor guarding. Finely Violate set:

"Bought lessen, Hairy--inner moaning yore gutter asthma fodder."

Radar, conjure gas wart hopping? Hairy aster fodder,

hoe exploited wet anchor, an setter larder furry bat warts. Infect, haze languish worse jest hobble. Yonder nor sorghum-stenches wad disk stenchy oiled mouser lettuce dodder asepsis pore bore furry horsebarn. Hairy, shagging wetter motion, toll Violate water fodder hat set.

"Dun bay disgorged," set Violate. "Wail jest waiter wile. Pimple hoe wander gat merit gutter half passions.''


Evanescent Wan Think Itching Udder.

Wan moaning, servile wicks letter, Violate worse inner fodder's vestibule guarding darn honor hens an niece, pecking bogs an warms offer vestibules. Soddenly shay nudist annulled badger-lore, home pimple cold "Carnal" Gatretch, combing entity guarding.

(Gatretch worsen rallier carnal--hay worse jester retch oiled stork-barker hoed madder mullion dullards soiling storks an barns, an hoe lift inner palatal an luxuriant mention nut fur firmer Huskings' form.)

"Gut moaning, Carnal Gatretch," set Violate respectively. "Europe oily disk moaning."

"Doily board cashes a warmi" resplendent Gatretch wetter wicket charcoal. "Arming oily board--an yore jester putty ladle warm."

"Arm shore yore jest jerking, Carnal," setter gull, wetter morticed blotch, "Warts mar, arm nutty warm--arm Violate Huskings."

"Nutty warm?" aster carnal, "Den watcher during darn honor hens an niece inner mutton dart? O water sham, water sham, debt search putty ladle wide hens shut bay oil cupboard wet mutton dart! Comb hair, Violate! Lessee doze putty ladle hensi" Arm garner trait doze hens mar respectively."

"Jest warts yore porpoise, Carnal?" aster gull. "Jest watcher incinerating?"

"Conjure gas mar porpoise, doling?" whiskered dole stork-barker. "Conjure gas wart arm incinerating? Wail, arm nutty garner baiter rounder borsch. Heresy hull think inner nuptial--arm garner gat merit, an yore garner bay Messes Gatretch. Yore garner heifer palatal an luxuriant mention an storks an barns any cobble off Cattle-hacks, an yule bay warring manx an udder gorges closing, an damnings an perils an udder jowls .....

Violate shuttered.

"Kip yore manx an damnings an perils an udder retches, CarnMi Are dun wampuml Are dun wander merry nor-bawdy sceptor manor luff--an debt's Hairy Parkingsi"

"Hairy Parkingsi" crumpled Gatretch, wetter snare honors phase, "Watcher wander merry debt end-bustle fur? Hairy's jester bombl"

Trampling wet indication, Violate stupid darn, pecked upper bag hen-furl off dart an flunk disk dart rat inner oiled stork-barker's phasel

"Gat otter mar fodder's vestibule guardingl" crater gull. "An dun comb beck!"

"Hoe-cake, hoe-cake," murdered Gatretch, "bought lessen hair, gull, yore garner heifer changer minel Arm garner torque baseness wet yore fodder. Arm garner muck yore fodder servile ladle prepositions. An arm garner bay yore horsebarn!"

Fleshed wet anchor, an crumpling tomb-shelf, Gat-retch win beck tutor Huskings' horse toe torque tutor stenchy oiled mouser.


Wadding Balls an Better Tares.

Dole stork-barker worse rat. Former Huskings ascended tutor carnal's wicket preposition, an fur lung, Violate, sopping historically, an wet better tares strumming darner chicks, worse becalming Messes Gatretch. Censor fodder worse toe stenchy toe heifer wadding, Violate enter Carnal war stunning inner orifice offer Jesters offer Pace, lessening tutor jesters raiding doze fetal warts:

"Carnal, door yore tick disk worming furrier awful waif?"

("Shore," setter stork-barker.)

"Violate, door yore tick disk carnal furrier awful horsebarn?"

("Y-Yap," set Violate, sopping historically.)

Pimple shirker hets an set:

"Water shaml Suture putty gull an suture disher-pated oiled badger-lorel Suture think shunt hopping tore gnats gull lack Violatel"

"Pore Violatel Violate's garner bay ornery aboard inner gelded ketchl"

Hairy Parkings worse melon-colic, butter worsen disgorged, any set tomb-shelf:

"Carnal Gatretch's jester cat-napper hoe cat-napped mar sweat-hard. Wail, jest waiter wile--props Hairy

Parkings kin doer ladle cat-napping ham-shelf."

Servile wicks pest.

Wan dock gnat, wile Violate's horsebarn worse aware honor baseness trap, Hairy gutter lung larder, an clammed ope toe Violate's bet-rum windrow.

"Violatel" Hairy whiskered. "Germ pupl Itch yore loaferl Itch Hairyl"

Violate, herring debt farm-oilier verse, lipped otter bet, pot honor putty ladle bet-rum slobbers, an expansive four-laned, hen-an-bordered horse-court, an cam tutor windrow.

"Lessen, Violate," set Hairy, "Armor goring aware. Armor goring tumor groin-murder's form, darning Messy-soupy, an armor garner peck carton fur mar groin-murder. Peck yore begs, Violate! Gad otter disk gelded ketch! Clam darner larder, an wail goiter garter darn toe Messy-soupy!

Furry mint, Violate dint yonder-stander loafer's preposition, den, wetter harpy, harpy, lurk honor phase, shay set:

"Yore rat, Hairy. Arm jester pore ladle retch gull--ornery aboard inner gelded ketch. Bought O boreI Water SWILL ketch! Dun heifer feeder pegs! Dun heifer mail-car caws an swoop otter caw staplei Dun heifer feeder checkings an gadder aches an peck warms offer vestibules! Dun heifer doe nor watching an earning, dun heifer warder hearses an maker bets an washer dashes! Door yore thank armor garner flier ware firm oil disk lechery? Known datel Sordidly nut! An lessen, Hairy; heresy ladle gut adverse: Wile yore darning Messy-soupy, dun stutter peck carton furrier groin-murder. Kipper ware firmer form, an finer swill possession inner stork-barker's orifice. Soil storks an barns, an maggot mullion dullards. DEN comb beck tumor windrow wet yore larderl

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