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July 16, 2006

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Contest of Champions

T-1000 vs. OdoT-1000 vs. Odo

T-1000 Odo
Height: 6'
Weight: 290 lbs.
Reach: 38"
Most Painful Memory: The years spent imprisoned in a thermometer
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Reach: 35"
Chronic Complaint: The day the cleaning lady mopped up his grandpa

Odo, the cynical security officer from "Deep Space Nine" (featured here in all his shapeshifting glory), has doused himself in food coloring and deposited himself in a bottle. He awaits the arrival of his adversary, T-1000, the liquid metal maniac from "Terminator 2" who has a thing for cop costumes and shish-kebabed civilians.

Round One: T-1000, returning to his apartment, notices a bottle of green fluid on the coffee table. "Oh, boy!" he says. "Gatorade!" He gulps it down.

Round Two: Inside T-1000's tummy, Odo partially solidifies. He thrusts his arm up T-1000's throat and out his mouth, then tries to strangle him.

Round Three: T-1000 liquefies. So does Odo. They pour into each other, squishing together in a huge, disgusting glob. Odo attempts to boot T-1000 in the kidney, but inadvertently kicks his own @$$.

Round Four: With a grunt, they pull themselves apart. Odo resumes his humanoid form. T-1000, still liquefied, slithers under the kitchen door.

Round Five: Odo bursts into the kitchen. No sign of T-1000. There are, however, a pair of sunglasses in the sink. Odo smiles. He liquefies and dives down the drain.

Round Six: It's a trap. T-1000, who had disguised himself as a toaster, shapeshifts back into a humanoid and flicks on the garbage disposal.

Later: T-1000 calls a plumber to ream the goo out of the pipes and then kills the plumber when he's finished.

Winner: T-1000

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